Uganda gorilla trekking permits

Uganda gorilla trekking permits

Uganda gorilla trekking permits

How to book Uganda gorilla trekking permits? Gorillas are one of the great five apes in the world and they are only found in the Eastern region of Africa in the countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Gorillas in Uganda can be seen in Mgahinga and Bwindi impenetrable national Parks, in Rwanda gorillas can be found in volcanoes national Park and in Democratic Republic of Congo, they are found in Virunga national park. Meanwhile Kahuzi-Biega National Park in eastern Congo is home to endangered lowland gorillas.

These gorillas are sharing 98% of DNA like that of human beings and most of their behaviors are similar to those of human beings. Gorillas live in groups of 5-50 members and they are led by one dominant male called a silverback who is very strong enough to take care of other group members.

Most people describe gorillas are aggressive wild animals but yet that is untrue, gorillas are very humble and gentle giants that everyone would love to see and spend time with. They are two experiences to do with the gorillas; one is a gorilla trekking experience and another is one gorilla habituation experience. These two experiences differ from each other depending on the time you spend with the gorillas.

The gorilla trekking experience is when you move to the forest with a ranger guide to search for gorillas and when you find them, you are allowed to spend one hour in their presence as you learn their behaviors while the gorilla habituation experience is mostly done by researchers and you are given four hours in their presence and this is the time when they are trained to get familiar to human presence. This habituation experience is only done in Bwindi impenetrable national park in Rushaga sector located in the southern part of the park. Each gorilla group is trekked by a group of 8 people per day.

For you to take part in gorilla trekking and habituation in all the gorilla destinations, you need to book a gorilla permit and in Uganda, permits are issued to every trekker by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. These permits are only sold to people above the age of 15 and are free from infectious diseases, this is done because human beings easily transmit any infectious disease to gorillas. A gorilla permit is a document that allows you to access all parks which harbour mountain gorillas.

These permits can also be got through recognized tour operators and you can contact any of over 1000 recognized tour operators in Uganda to book for you a permit. Since the permits in Uganda are scarce due to the high demand, it is better if you book a permit three or two months before the trekking day.

In Uganda, permits are available at USD 700 for foreign non-residents, 600 USD for foreign residents and 250,000 Uganda shillings for East African citizens. Most of our clients prefer gorilla trekking in Uganda to Rwanda and DR Congo because the permits in Uganda are cheaper compared to those in Rwanda and but Democratic Republic of Congo still faces insecurity.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda is best done during the dry season because this is the time when these gentle giants are not moving so far and the trails in the forest are not muddy, this gives the trekkers less time to move through the forest easily as they search for their allocated gorilla group to trek. The dry season is between July to September and then from December to February.

Gorilla trekking requirements:

These include binoculars, cameras, hiking shoes and other items like walking sticks will be provided for free if you wish to use them.