2 Days Murchison Falls National Park Short Uganda Safari Tour

giraffe - mathew essman/unsplash


This 1 night and 2 days wildlife safari to the mighty Murchison Falls National Park is the best and Uganda wildlife safari tour to encounter the big five African animals.

Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda’s largest and arguably the most beautiful park with the falls themselves on the Nile River being the selling point for this Uganda tourist destination. Many travelers often say that, “You will have not visited Murchison Falls National Park, if you don’t have a walk on top of the Murchison falls themselves”.

Safari in details

Day 1: Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park – Afternoon Boat Cruise on the Nile

After leisure Breakfast as early as 6am, you will embark on your journey to the Northern direction. You will drive through the beautiful green and dry plains of Nakasongola District until you arrive at Kichumbanyobo Gate down in the southern part of Murchison falls National Park. You will then drive to the famous Murchison waterfalls to have a top view of the water falls.

While at this top point of the waterfalls, you will truly believe that this is something you have not encountered in a lifetime. Thousands and thousands of the Nile River water forcing their way in a small 7 meter gorge forming rapid waterfalls falling down about 43meters above sea level. This is a breathtaking experience that you will live to tell the rest of your life.

After an experience with the Murchison waterfalls, you will then head up to the nearest restaurant for lunch before you go for your afternoon Boat cruise. The relaxing boat cruise starts as early as 2pm from the docking site and goes for about 2-3 hours of wildlife encounters. While on the Boat, you will spot a lot of schools of Hippos yawning, Basking Crocodiles, Elephants quenching of their thirst and a variety of Birdlife. You will later return back from the boat cruise and depending on the location of your lodge more especially the lodges on the northern bank of the park; you will have an evening safari game drive as you head out to your accommodation for dinner and relaxation.

Distance Covered: 350km of driving on a well done smooth road (5 hours of Drive).

Day 2: Morning Game Drive, tracking rhinos at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and transfer back to Kampala

This will be another bright morning in the wild to start a new count of your big five and these are lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhinos. The day will open up with a very early morning sweet breakfast and then start your drive around the savannah plains of the park for more chances of African wildlife encounters. The safari games drives start as early as 6am early in the morning and go for about 2-3 hours of driving around designated tracks around the park. Depending on your luck on that day in terms of sightings, you will then embark on your journey back to Kampala or Entebbe and that will mark the end of your time in Murchison falls National Park.

After a drive of about 2 hours, you will branch off at Nakitooma Trading center to track rhinos at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. With this activity, you will complete your big five count with spotting the Rhinos while on foot in company of a well-trained and armed ranger guide. You will later proceed with your journey back to Kampala or Entebbe and this will mark the end of your incredible 2 days wildlife safari in Murchison falls National Park.