Family Safaris in Uganda


Family Safaris in Uganda

Uganda is known universally as the pearl of Africa and this came as a result of the beautiful attractions as discovered by Sir Winston Churchill. This means that there is a lot to explore while on a family safari in this country that’s covered by endless savannah plains, beautiful beaches, less crowded national parks, water bodies such as Lake Victoria, and discovered local communities at the edge of national parks like the Karamoja, Isunga community, Entanda cultural center, the Batwa people and others.

Family safaris in Uganda concentrate in the western part of the country as this is because most of the national parks dominate this region. The place offers spectacular landscape viewing ranging from the Ankole - Kigezi terraced landscapes, to exploring outdoor activities like game drives, boat cruises, gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking, and bird watching among others. All these reward tourists with unimaginable experiences.

Another region is the central part of Uganda which has beautiful beaches and islands making it possible to undertake leisure holidays and other beach activities, kids playing centers, Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, and Entebbe Botanical Gardens among others. Families can also take part in visiting the Ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary where they can have endless views of the chimpanzees in captivity, take part in trekking rhinos at Ziwa rhino sanctuary and so much more.

Not forgetting the eastern part of the country that has Jinja City, the most adventurous area in east Africa where tourists can take part in different activities like boat cruises to the source of R. Nile, water tubing, white water rafting up to grade 5, quad biking, Bungee jumping, water sliding, horseback riding and many more leisure activities that can keep children entertained as the parents take on the most adventurous activities.

Therefore, no matter how old you are or your family is, Uganda can provide the best family holiday options with our help. Our team of consultants can organize a tailor-made family safari to suit your budget and schedule. This safari depends on your choice with our guidance due to the knowledge and experience we have in Africa. For the best family safari holiday, provide us with the age, number of people, and number of days for your safari, accommodation types or arrangements, and areas of interest like activities, and then leave the rest to us.

All you need to know is that some activities can suit a certain age bracket like gorilla and chimpanzee trekking. Only visitors aged 15 years and above are allowed to take part in these activities and gorilla trekking takes place in Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks while chimpanzee tracking takes place primarily in Kibale National Park. Other places for chimp tracking are Budongo Forest Reserve, Kyambura Gorge, and Kalinzu Forest Reserve.

Kibale National Park has alternatives for the children where they are left in the safe hands of the park rangers playing or taking a simple nature walk or even storytelling experience while the parents take part in the chimpanzee trekking adventure.

We organize suitable safari vehicles depending on the number of people in your family. All these come with refrigerators or cooler boxes to keep your drinks cool, ACs that can be used on dusty roads since most of the roads in Uganda are dusty, and on top of that the driver guides are professional and licensed hence able to create memories with your loved ones.

Most people wonder if Uganda has beautiful accommodations in the wild but all you need to know is that national parks are located in remote areas but surrounded by developed and top-notch eco-lodges, some with swimming pools for both adults and children. Some also provide optional indoor and outdoor games. As you think of taking part in a family safari, think of Uganda and we are ready to strengthen family bonds together as you create friendships with a new African culture.