8 Days Uganda Gorilla Trekking & Serengeti National Park Tour


8 Days Uganda Gorilla Trekking & Serengeti National Park Tour

Four of Africa’s top safari experiences (gorilla trekking, the great annual migration, wildlife viewing, and village/community visits) will be relished during our 8-day Uganda Gorilla Trekking & Serengeti NP Tour. Beginning in Tanzania’s Arusha Town and ending in Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport/or Kampala City, travelers are offered nothing below magical.

Uganda Gorilla Trekking will take place in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, in the south-west of the country where a total of about 21 gorilla families are found. This package takes you to one of these habituated gorilla families with the hope of catching just a glimpse of the Giant Apes and spending one hour watching and photographing them.

Day 1: Arrive Tanzania, Arusha

Welcome to the home of Serengeti or the roof of Africa, where every corner is as breathtaking and raw as you ever thought. Set out for the orientation tour of Arusha Town that will lead to the Arusha Declaration Monument, the National Museum of Tanzania, the beautiful Usa River, and the Arusha Cultural Heritage Center if time permits. Get the chance to become acquainted with the country’s unique culinary experience before retiring overnight at the Hotel.

Day 2: Scenic drive to the remarkable Serengeti National Park

From Arusha’s finest to the home of wildebeest migration, set in the northern part of the country. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981, Serengeti National Park is surprisingly the beating heart of Tanzania’s safaris and surprisingly the place where wildebeests alongside zebras and gazelles start their long journey to Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve. The drive to this Park is about 5-6 hours with breathtaking sceneries and travelers have time to enjoy lunch along the way before continuing to the Park. Settle in at the Safari Camp, then undertake a game drive and return for dinner as well as overnight rest.

Day 3: Serengeti National Park: All day Game drive

Grab your backpack, camera as well as binoculars, and head out on a guided game drive this morning, to discover more of this Park’s wildlife species and stop by some of the wildlife hot spots for photography. While the Park is a stronghold for the Great annual migration, other animals especially common genets, African wild cats, African bush elephants, striped weasels, East African wild dogs, mongoose, bat-eared fox, Caracals, Masai giraffes, Olive and yellow baboons, lions, serval cats, leopards, patas monkeys, Black Rhinos and spotted hyenas will be spotted among others. Also, look out for the reptiles and birds during this all-day game drive and there will be a picnic lunch to avoid wasting time in driving back to the Camp or Lodge.

Day 4: Serengeti National Park: Walking Safari or Hot Air balloon tour and village visit

This is the time to make a choice between walking safaris and a hot air balloon tour, to uncover the hidden treasures of this outstanding Protected Area. If you go with the latter, a large part of the Park will be explored and you will be treated to a bush breakfast after the activity. In the afternoon we doubt you will be able to resist the experience of interacting with the renowned Masai pastoralists, accompanied by an expert local guide to learn about their art and crafts, traditional dress code, local cuisines, and most interestingly their invigorating cultural dance performances.

Day 5: Scheduled flight from Arusha Airport to Entebbe International Airport

Today you will say a sad Kwaheri to your Tanzanian family as you embark on a drive to Arusha Airport, then take a scheduled flight to Entebbe International Airport. This welcomes you into Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

Day 6: Scenic drive to the dazzling Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Leaving Kampala City for the ultimate gorilla trekking experience in Impenetrable National Park via an 8-9 hours journey. This is the place where memorable gorilla trekking experiences are achieved. Lunch will be along the way and arriving in the Park, receive a warm welcome to the Safari Lodge’s staff. Rest for the remainder of the day to allow rejuvenation for the next day’s adventures.

Day 7: The fabulous Uganda Gorilla Trekking Tour

Breakfast this day is at the safari Lodge where you will be treated to a delicious fusion of African teas, fresh fruits, and freshly squeezed juice. With your bellies filled, it’s then time to head to the Park Headquarters for a briefing on the rules and regulations, expectations, and group allocation before officially entering the jungle. The time you will spend searching for the mountain gorillas isn’t known but expect 1-5 hours, followed by one hour for photography. The mountain gorillas are one of the most sought-after animals in Africa and trekkable in Bwindi alongside other National Parks across Rwanda, DRC, and Uganda.

In the evening head over to the nearby Batwa community to explore the unique lifestyle, jungle survival skills, and traditional dances. After this day’s adventures, what you deserve is a cold bath, sumptuous dinner, and rest at the Safari Lodge.

Day 8: Departure: Kampala or Kigali

With lasting memories of the mountain gorillas, wildebeest migration, Masai and Batwa cultural experiences as well as wildlife encounters, leave Bwindi for Kampala or Kigali City after breakfast. This marks the end of our 8 days at Uganda Gorilla Trekking & Serengeti NP Safari.