18 Days Uganda Primates & Wildlife Safari


18 Days Uganda Primates & Wildlife Safari

Start and end in Kampala, experience what Uganda offers with our 18 days Uganda Primates & Wildlife Safari, leading to the top safari destinations of the country such as Bwindi Impenetrable Forest for gorilla trekking, Murchison Falls, Lake Mburo, Queen Elizabeth and Semuliki National Parks for game viewing as well as Kibale Forest National Park for chimpanzee trekking while a tour to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Lake Bunyonyi offer endless relaxation.

Day 1: Entebbe-Arrival at Entebbe International Airport

Arrival at Entebbe Town or International Airport and our private safari driver will be waiting to usher you to your pre-safari accommodation facility along the shores of Lake Victoria.

Day 2: Entebbe- Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary and City excursion

We drive to the Uganda Wildlife Education Center docking area for a boat ride to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, one of the fantastic havens for chimpanzees in captivity. These Great Apes were rescued from all over the East African region and get a chance to feed them as well as learn about the Site’s conservation.

A hot meal is served at Ngamba then get back to the Town with a refreshing boat ride, and get an opportunity to explore more of what the Town offers. Proceed to the capital for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 3: Kampala-Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary-to Murchison Falls National Park

We start off the third day with breakfast then continue with the northern route towards Luwero and arrive at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary after 3 hours. Get a chance to track the country’s only population of Rhinos in the wild and this lasts about 2 hours until lunchtime and meals will be served at Amuka Safari Lodge or Kabalega diners.

Continue to Murchison Falls National Park, a spectacular protected Area covering 384,000 hectares and founded in 1952 with breathtaking Murchison Falls, a wide array of wildlife species, and abundant bird species that make safaris worthwhile. We arrive exhausted from the long drive and en-route activities and therefore check in for dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Game drive and River Nile Boat cruise

Breakfast is very early in the morning, after which leave for the game drive along the pristine and endowed Northern banks of the Nile to see different animals such as Defassa waterbucks, Hippos, lions, bushbucks, spotted hyenas, Jackson hartebeests, Cape buffaloes, leopards, giant elands, Rothschild giraffes, Uganda Kobs, giant forest hogs, Olive baboons, to mention but a few.

Another amazing game viewing experience is during the boat cruise where magical views of the Murchison Falls and sights of Hippos and Nile crocodiles as well as birds can be enjoyed. See African fish eagles, secretary birds, black-bellied bustards, Abyssinian ground hornbills, shoebills storks, great white and pink-backed pelicans, African skimmer, giant kingfishers, and saddle-billed storks among others. Sum up the day with a delicious dinner and overnight at the Safari Camp.

Day 5: Murchison falls National park - Kibale Forest National Park

Travel to Kibale Forest National Park from Murchison Falls National Park where we check in at one of the best places of lodging in the Protected Area. This journey is 7-8 hours and involves, marked by riveting views of the Rwenzori Mountains, the Albertine escarpment, and the secluded countryside while being ushered to Fort Portal Town for a Lunch break.

Day 6: The first primate trek (Chimpanzee tracking) and Bigodi community walk

On this day, we leave the Safari Lodge at 7:30 am for briefing at Kanyanchu Visitor Center, and at 8:00 am start the search for the allocated troop of chimpanzees, going for 1-4 hours before the Great Apes are sighted. Keep the camera rolling while capturing views of animals, birds, and trees spotted along the way. Time with the chimpanzees is one hour to watch them feed, groom each other, mate, play, and do other activities.

Later freshen up, have lunch, and unwind then in the evening continue to Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary for another action-packed guided walk. With more bird species especially the Great Blue Turacos, Papyrus canary, superb starling, Black bishops, Papyrus gonolek, and Hairy-breasted barbets, you can never be wrong. In the evening retire at the lodge for dinner and rest.

Day 7: Kibale Forest - Semuliki National Park

Leave for Semuliki National Park after breakfast at the Lodge and there and then undertake a guided walk towards the stunning Sempaya hot springs to see how Mother Nature comes to play to create phenomenal experiences. Dine and stay at the Safari Lodge in Semuliki National Park.

Day 8: Semuliki game drive and Batwa village/community tours

Explore the spectacular beauty of Semuliki National Park through a game drive where Cape buffaloes, Uganda Kobs, pygmy Hippos, bushbucks, Defassa waterbucks, elephants, giant forest hogs, mongoose, warthogs, buffaloes, giant elands, spotted hyenas, lions, black and white colobus monkeys, leopards and many others are sighted.

Lunch is served at the Lodge and this is followed by a briefing at Ntandi for briefing then a visit to Batwa village/community for an opportunity to learn about their ancient ways while living in the Ituri forest. Dinner and overnight at any of the Queen Elizabeth Park’s safari lodges.

Day 9: Game drive and Kazinga channel Boat ride

Leaving the safari Lodge behind and continuing to the wilderness, we start the game drive with sights and sounds of lions, spotted hyenas, hippos, serval cats, and leopards as well as the African bush elephants, Uganda Kobs, Defassa waterbucks, bushbucks, Cape buffaloes, mongoose, Olive baboons, warthogs, and many others.

Continue the Queen Elizabeth National Park safari in the afternoon with a boat ride along the pristine Kazinga Channel with Hippos, more elephants, Cape buffaloes as well as Nile crocodiles. See more birds, especially the African fish eagles, shoebills storks, pelicans, cormorants, and many others. Dine and rest at the same Safari Lodge.

Day 10: Kyambura Gorge chimpanzee tracking and community walks

After breakfast, we drive to the eastern boundary of Queen Elizabeth National Park, at Kyambura Gorge for the chimpanzee trek where we meet face-to-face with these isolated Great Apes. This underground forest has about 6 primate species, some of which will be encountered during this guided walk and spend one hour for photography and observation.

Have a picnic lunch and rest before continuing to the nearby Basongora or Bakonjo community for a chance to learn about their day-to-day lives that revolve around farming, cattle keeping, and fishing among others.

Day 11: To Bwindi Impenetrable National Park from Queen Elizabeth Park

After having a good and memorable time, enjoy a well-deserved breakfast and check out of the Lodge for a drive to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, for your interesting gorilla trekking adventure. First thing first, let’s drive through the sweeping savannah park while viewing more wildlife species and get to the Ishasha sector where you will see the rare tree-climbing lions relaxing on fig tree branches.

Leave the stunning sector behind and go on towards Bwindi, with a short lunch break at Savannah Resort Kihiihi, and be ushered to any of the four sectors of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Day 12: Bwindi gorilla trekking safari and evening relaxation

Delicious breakfast, then connect to the Park Headquarters by 7:00 am for a briefing from the experienced Park rangers, followed by allocated into gorilla groups. The search for the mountain gorillas begins at 8:00 am with up to 4 hours of hiking through the dense rainforest and when contacts are made, one hour is offered to take photos.

A sumptuous lunch is served at the Lodge and thereafter rest at the comfort of the Lodge followed by dinner and overnight.

Day 13: Bwindi - Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

The day starts with Breakfast at the Bwindi Lodge and is followed by the drive to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Lunch break will be at Mutanda Lake Resort where you will be treated to a delicious meal as well as jaw-dropping views of the lake and its Islands. Time permitting, undertake a guided tour of Garama caves before checking in at the lodge for Dinner and overnight.

Day 14: Tracking the golden monkeys and village tours

Another primate trek is on this day and like other days, have breakfast at the Lodge and continue to the Park Headquarters (Ntebeko) for briefing. The real adventure begins at 8 am with the walk through the lower slopes of Virunga Volcanoes while searching for the Golden monkeys. These endangered primates will be found after 1-2 hours of thrilling walks and only one hour will be spent in their presence.

After lunch, the remainder of the day will be spent in Batwa Communities to learn about their exceptional culture, and survival skills while they still live in the forest (like making fire by rubbing sticks) and summarized by entertainment in their lovely cultural dance performances. Retire to the Lodge for dinner with fresh memories from the activity.

Day 15: Volcano climbing and transfer to the beautiful Lake Bunyonyi

Having fueled with breakfast and thoroughly prepared for the adventure ahead of time, report at Ntebeko Visitor Center for a briefing on the Virunga Volcano that is going to be climbed. The duration of time depends on the chosen mountain but one thing you should expect is views of animals, birds, and others along the way.

Forest buffaloes, giant forest hogs, golden monkeys, and duikers are some of the encountered animals, and picnic lunch will be enjoyed at the peak of the mountain. Dinner and overnight will be at the shores of Lake Bunyonyi, thus on descending we pack our bags for Africa’s second-deepest Lake.

Day 16: Boat ride, transfer to the incredible Lake Mburo National Park

Continue to Lake Mburo National Park after a rewarding boat ride on Lake Bunyonyi and check out after lunch.

Day 17: Lake Mburo National Park; game drive and boat ride

After breakfast we undertake the 2-3 hour game drive with the hope of seeing some of the country’s rarest wildlife species, especially giant eland, impalas, Klipspringers, Rothschild giraffes, Reedbucks, Olive baboons, Vervet monkeys, Cape buffaloes, common warthogs, Burchell’s zebras, Topis, spotted hyenas, leopards, duikers, Oribis, to mention but a few.

Get back to your place of lodging and relax in the comfort as well as breathtaking views of the Lodge. Dine and sleep at one of the best Safari Camps in Uganda’s wilderness.

Day 18: Walking safari and depart to Kampala

Undertake a walking safari in the company of an armed Ranger guide and this comes after breakfast at the Lodge. Get a chance to be up close to this wilderness and uncover some of the hidden habitats, with chances of seeing lots of animals and birds. Lunch at the Safari Camp and travel along the Masaka road towards Kampala City for dinner and overnight.