10 Days Uganda Safari


10 Days Uganda Safari

On this safari, you will explore the beautiful African country - Uganda where you will take part in visiting the big primates (gorillas and chimpanzees), the big five animals in Ziwa and Murchison Falls National Park, track the rare tree-climbing lions in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park, visit the local communities like Isunga Cultural Community at the edge of Kibale National Park, Batwa community in Bwindi forest national park. Therefore, this tour combines not only culture, wildlife, and nature.

Day 1: Arrival in Uganda and head to your booked hotel in Kampala

Welcome to Uganda the pearl of Africa! After a warm welcome by your driver-guide, head straight to the hotel in Kampala covering a distance of about 45km from Entebbe.

Day 2: Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park and visit Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Head to the home of Murchison Falls which is the world's most powerful waterfall. These falls are amazing with water passing through a small tunnel or gorge to form a rainbow and producing a thunderous sound. The park has four of the big five animals and these are lion, leopard, elephant, and buffalo.

A road trip to the park will reward you with different attractions and you will have a stopover at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary which will reward you with the best experience of trekking rhinos. There are other antelopes, and bird species that can be spotted while trekking one of the big five animals. Proceed with the journey to Murchison Falls National Park and you will be taken to your booked accommodation.

Day 3: Game drive, boat cruise, and visit the top of the falls

Penetrate the interior of Savannah Plains where you will be taking the game drive for about 2 - 3 hours. There is a lot to see and enjoy while taking this drive and among others include; lions, giraffes, elephants, buffalos, antelopes like waterbucks, Jackson hartebeests, and bushbucks among others. You will also have another experience of cruising on the Victoria Nile granting you an opportunity to spot the giant Nile crocodiles, hippos, and animals like elephants, buffalos, and antelopes on the banks of the river. The experience will take about 3 hours and this will be a great adventure while viewing the falls.

Day 4: Transfer to Kibale National Park and Isunga Cultural Community

Have breakfast and head to Kibale National Park, known to host up to 13 species of primates. There are other mammals in the park such as Bush elephants, duikers, and foxes, among others. The forest harbors over 340 bird species and this has also boosted bird watching. Traverse through the lush forests and tea plantations among others.

Arrive and be served with a late lunch, followed by the community tour in Isunga village at the edge of Kibale National Park. You will also be entertained by locals through the traditional dances and music for both the Bakiga and Batooro and visit the Isunga healing cold springs.

Day 5: Chimpanzee tracking and crater lakes exploration

Have breakfast and then you will drive to the Kanyanchu Information Centre where you will receive a briefing before the trek commences. The dos and don'ts will be told to you like no use of flash photography, don't feed animals, don't make noise among others. Trekking will immediately begin after using the washrooms. You will encounter a troop of chimpanzees playing or jumping from one tree to another, feeding on leaves or roots or termites. Spend an hour in their presence and after the trek back.

Have lunch and after head for another exciting experience of exploring the different crater lakes like Nyamirima, Nkuruba, and Nyinambuga among others. It will offer you a chance to spot the twin lakes of Kasenda. Head back to the lodge for your dinner.

Day 6: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park and afternoon boat cruise

Leave Kibale National Park and depart to Kasese in Queen Elizabeth National Park which is the most commonly visited national park in Uganda. The park has diverse wildlife including elephants, buffalos, warthogs, and Uganda kobs among others. The park is dotted with savannah vegetation but crater lakes are scattered all over such as Lake Nyamunuka which is a natural hospital for different animals and birds.

Arrive and be served lunch which will be followed by a boat cruise on the Kazinga channel where you will spot different animals like crocodiles, and hippos as others like antelopes, buffalos, and elephants graze on the banks. Later on, check in the accommodation for the best dinner and nap.

Day 7: Game drive and transfer to Bwindi National Park via Ishasha sector

Have the best day as you take a game drive through the plains of the park where you will spot animals like the African elephant, buffalos, warthogs, antelopes such as Uganda kobs, bushbucks, and waterbucks, among others.

The game drive will last for about 3 hours and after you will head to the Ishasha sector where you will be able to track tree-climbing lions. Proceed to Bwindi National Park, to encounter endangered mountain gorillas the next morning.

Day 8: Gorilla trekking and Batwa community tour

Be served with breakfast and thereafter you will be taken to park offices to attend a briefing session, cross-check gorilla permits, assignment of park guides, and gorilla families to visit. The park guide will take you into the impenetrable forest to start the search and this will take about 3 to 5 hours depending on where you find these great apes.

Spend an hour with them and this will create everlasting memories. After the trek, you will visit the Batwa community where you will be entertained through cultural dances music, fire fire-making experiences among others.

Day 9: Transfer to Lake Bunyonyi. Take a sunset boat cruise

Head to the second deepest lake in Africa and that is Lake Bunyonyi after breakfast. Here you will have a chance to visit different islands. The lake is amazing and beautiful with different resorts. The islands that will be visited include Bwama Island, Punishment Island, and Sharp’s Island among others. Chill and relax at the resort and this will be a great adventure, creating everlasting memories.

Day 10: Depart to Kampala and drop off at Entebbe International Airport

Leave Lake Bunyonyi early in the morning with a stopover at the Uganda equator for lunch, photography, experimenting, and purchasing souvenirs and crafts. Proceed to Kampala and be dropped at the airport in Entebbe to make the end of this tour.