3 Days Queen Elizabeth National Park Wildlife Safari


3 Days Queen Elizabeth National Park Wildlife Safari

Welcome to the amazing 3 Days Queen Elizabeth National Park Wildlife Safari - the gateway to Uganda's most popular safari destination. This short safari takes you to Uganda’s second largest national park after Murchison Falls National Park covering an area size of 1978sq.km and is also known as the Medley of Wonders. The park is home to about 95 mammal species, over 612 bird species for bird lovers, and numerous crater lakes, among others. This is Uganda’s most visited national park and also a perfect Uganda safari destination, especially for travelers on short-haul.

Day 1: Travel from Kampala / Entebbe to Queen Elizabeth National Park

You will wake up early in the morning, have breakfast at your place of residence, and later join your safari driver guide who will be waiting for you in the parking yard. Our safari guide will introduce himself, brief you on the whole three-day program, and then start your journey to the western parts of Uganda. The first stop will be at the Equator Monument 70km away from Kampala in Kayabwe town for a beautiful picture moment and do a little souvenir shopping since there are plenty of shops.

Take lunch in Mbarara City and then proceed with your journey to Queen Elizabeth National Park. Depending on the time we arrive at the park, we shall do an optional evening drive around the park to increase our animal sightings chance. Drive to the lodge and relax as you prepare for the next day’s adventure.

Day 2: Go for a Morning game drive around the park and Afternoon Boat Cruise along Kazinga Channel

After your luxurious breakfast as early as 6 am, you will then embark on a 3-hour safari game drive in Kasenyi savannah plains in the northern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park. While in the game tracks of Kasenyi, expect lots of sightings of Uganda Kobs, Buffalos, Elephants, Lions, and a Leopard on a good and lucky day.

We shall drive back to our lodge or a nearby restaurant for Lunch and refreshments as we prepare for the afternoon safari boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel. At exactly 2 pm on a hot afternoon, we shall go on a boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel. This is the world’s longest water channel connecting the two lakes inside the park and that’s Lakes George and Lake Edward.

The channel is also popular for hosting the highest number of hippos worldwide which you will spot while here. The other animal encounters on the boat cruise include crocodiles, monitor lizards, Elephants quenching off their thirst, as well as a lot of water birds. Right after the Boat Cruise, we shall return to your safari lodge for dinner.

Day 3: Travel back to Entebbe or Kampala

This will be the last day we bid farewell to our destination lovely Queen Elizabeth National Park and embark on our journey back to Kampala through the Green Fort portal region. This journey will take you about 5 – 6 hours or more depending on the Traffic jam you find in Kampala and this will mark the end of our lovely 3-day Queen Elizabeth National Park Wildlife Safari Tour.

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