14 Days Adventure Rwanda Safari


14 Days Adventure Rwanda Safari

Take part in this 14 Days Adventure Rwanda Safari where you will visit three national parks - Nyungwe National Park for chimpanzee trekking, Volcanoes National Park - the home of mountain gorillas and golden monkeys as well as Akagera National Park for wildlife viewing in the savannah grasslands.

You will also visit different water bodies such as Lake Kivu and the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo, and also visit the Iby'iwacu cultural village and discover Rwanda's unique culture. There is a lot you will participate in ranging from gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, game drives, boat cruises, and city tours where you will encounter city-based attractions like Kigali Genocide Memorial Grounds, local markets, and much more. Explore the big five animals in the Akagera National Park.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival and check in at a hotel

Arrive at the airport and transfer to a hotel after briefing about this 14 Days Adventure Rwanda Safari. The driver guide will be there for you to simplify the work of getting all the required documents and getting acquainted with the country.

Day 2: Transfer to Nyungwe National Park

Leave Kigali city and head to Nyungwe forest for everlasting memories of trekking endangered chimpanzees. This park is home to about 13 primates and a lot of other activities that you could take part in like canopy walks, bird watching, nature walks, chimpanzee tracking tours, and many more.

The road trip to the park is amazing as you pass through wonderful and stunning views covered with endless hills. Lunch enroute will be in Huye city and thereafter proceed to the lodge where you will settle in at your accommodation.

Day 3: Chimpanzee tracking experience

Have an adventure of chimpanzee tracking that will begin with a briefing session at the park headquarters of Nyungwe Forest National Park. This briefing will guide you while in the forest and after the park ranger will be ready to take you to start a search together.

Soon you will locate the chimps as they jump from one tree to another while making noise and chants. Chimpanzees live in extended families called troops and each troop comprises 10 to 60 individuals. After this adventure, you will drive back to the lodge for leisure and lunch.

Day 4: Nature walk and canopy walk

Have a nature walk after your breakfast that will take you to the caves and waterfalls, explore the beautiful landscape that is evergreen and primates will be roaming around, including the colobus monkeys, common vervet monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, and many more.

In the afternoon, it will be time for a canopy walk where you will enjoy another exciting adventure. The bridge is suspended on top of the trees at a height of 70m and 160m long. This adventure lasts for only about 2 hours and presents a completely rewarding experience as you will view different birds and primates.

Day 5: Transfer to the shores of Lake Kivu

Transfer to the shores of Lake Kivu in Kibuye Town after a leisurely breakfast. This lake is among the largest freshwater lakes in the western arm of the Great Rift Valley. This beautiful town of Kibuye is surrounded by majestic hills and plantations that will create everlasting memories. Arrive and check in for your accommodation and have an option of having a short boat cruise on Lake Kivu.

Day 6: Transfer to Volcanoes National Park

Depart from the shores of Lake Kivu and head to Volcanoes National Park, a renowned home of the remaining population of mountain gorillas. This is one of the oldest national parks in Africa and the historical base of Dian Fossey’s graveyard. Dian is a fallen heroine who played a big role in protecting mountain gorillas from ruthless poachers in the early 1980s. You will spend a credible time on your arrival while taking part in different activities.

Day 7: Gorilla trekking experience

Enjoy this memorable day as you participate in a gorilla trekking adventure that will begin with a briefing at the park headquarters. Trekking will take about 3 to 5 hours, including one hour with them in their presence.

This will create everlasting memories as you watch the gorillas eat, communicate, and groom their young ones in case the gorilla family trekked has babies, the silverback who is the head of the group will be practicing his leadership skills. After the trek, head back to the lodge for leisure.

Day 8: Golden monkey trekking and a visit to Ibyi'wacu cultural village

Head for another briefing session and this will be about Golden Monkey trekking in Volcanoes National Park. It will take about 20 minutes and you will understand the dos and don'ts of gorilla trekking. Such rules include - not feeding the primates, keeping the required distance away from a group of golden monkeys, and much more. Later head into the forest with the help of a park ranger guide where you will be able to search for these unique primates.

Meet them in bamboo forests and witness some of them missing tails that are cut in the process of jumping from one tree to another. Spend a maximum of one hour while in their presence. After the trek, return to the lodge for lunch. Later in the afternoon, you’ll visit Ibyi'wacu cultural village in the afternoon and residents here will entertain you through their local traditional dances and music. After head back to your lodge for an overnight stay.

Day 9: Hike Mount. Bisoke

Have your packed lunch ready and start the hike which will begin with a briefing at the mountain base. The mountain guide will take you through the hike that will soon ensure rewarding you with different primates like red-tailed monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, and vervet monkeys among others with unique bird species.

The summit will reward you with a view of the numerous Virunga Mountains, forest landscapes, and much more. Descend after enjoying lunch at the slopes of the mountain.

Day 10: Visit the Twin Lakes

This day is dedicated to visiting the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo, located at the base of the Virunga Mountains. You will take a short scenic boat cruise on one of the lakes, chill and relax, or even take part in a fishing experience.

Day 11: Transfer to Akagera National Park

Proceed to Akagera National Park, which gets its name from the historic River Akagera that flows along the borders of Tanzania. This is the smallest national park but very rewarding with savannah and water animals. There are many options of activities to take part in, ranging from game drives, boat cruises, balloon experiences and so much more. Arrive and head to the lodge for evening leisure and a campfire in the night.

Day 12: Game drive and boat cruise

Head for the morning game drive in Savannah Plains and later in the afternoon, you will go for a boat cruise on Lake Ihema. These two activities will introduce you to almost 80% of Akagera National Park’s landscape and wildlife which range from the endangered rhinos, leopards, hyenas, jackals, lions, Masai giraffes, hippos, buffalos, elephants, elands, and impalas among others. You will then head back to the lodge in the late evening.

Day 13: Hot air Balloon experience and transfer back to Kigali with a city tour

Take an adventure of a hot air balloon safari where you will fly in the basket to a height of 100m. Have a rewarding aerial view of the savannah and wildlife such as hyenas, jackals, lions, rhinos, elephants, buffalos, and many more.

After a 2-hour balloon experience, drive to Kigali airport for a short tour where you will visit the Kigali genocide memorial center, the former Presidential Palace Museum, and the local markets. Head to your booked hotel and enjoy the serenity of Kigali city.

Day 14: Head to the airport and departure

On this day, you will be served breakfast and, a transfer from your overnight hotel to Kigali airport depending on your scheduled departure dates, and hence this will mark the end of your 14-day adventure on Rwanda safari.

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