How to book Rwanda gorilla trekking permit?

How to book a Rwanda gorilla trekking permit?

How to book a Rwanda gorilla trekking permit? Obtaining a Rwanda gorilla permit is a must-do for all enthusiastic nature travelers with plans to visit Volcanoes National Park to see the endangered mountain gorillas. Like gorilla permits in other destinations such as Uganda and the D.R. Congo, the Rwanda gorilla trekking permits are also valid for 1 day.

A single Rwanda gorilla permit is what allows you to spend quality time with the massive mountain gorillas in the wild. Mountain gorillas are Africa’s star attractions, and a trek to see them is amazingly such a mind-blowing experience. On an actual visit to Rwanda to see gorillas, there are several habituated gorilla groups about 12 of them in Volcanoes National Park and all these are open for tracking by a maximum of 8 guests a day.

Two options for you to book a Rwanda gorilla trekking permit

Deal with a certified/recognized tour operator

The easiest way to plan your gorilla adventure is by dealing with a reliable tour operator on the ground. Booking gorilla trekking permits is part of the planning process for gorilla safaris to Rwanda, Uganda, and D.R. Congo.

A reliable tour operator in Rwanda will go through the long process of booking a gorilla permit on your behalf and also arrange other services such as accommodation, guides, and transportation.

Book through the Rwanda Development Board (RDB)

Dealing with the Rwanda Development Board is the second option that is available for one to book a Rwanda gorilla trekking permit.

Prices of Rwanda gorilla trekking permits:

- One Rwanda gorilla tracking permit is obtained at USD1500.

- USD1050 (30% discount offer) on gorilla trekking permit for guests visiting other national parks of Rwanda (Nyungwe Forest National Park and Akagera National Park) for 3 days or more, especially during the low/off season -November to May.

- USD 1275 (15% discount) on conference visitors who will stay before and after MICE events to track gorillas in Volcanoes National Park.

- Private gorilla trekking for whole gorilla group family with exclusive personalized tour guide services -permits issued at USD 15,000.

- USD30,000 applies to a minimum of three guests visiting Volcanoes NP to enjoy to experience behind the scenes for three consecutive days.

When to book a Rwanda gorilla trekking permit?

Booking Rwanda gorilla trekking permits must be done before visiting Volcanoes National Park, for at least 3 months. This is to enable the tour operator to complete the process involved in booking permits and ensuring that you get your permit early rather than struggling at the last minute.

To ease the tour operator’s work when reserving permits, you are advised to share your details such as full name/passport details. This information is relevant as it will be captured on your gorilla permit. Tracking Rwanda gorillas or booking gorilla permits is strictly for persons above 15 years.

Other destinations to find mountain gorillas besides Rwanda. Gorilla trekking is also done in Uganda and D.R. Congo. In Uganda, two places are available for mountain gorilla encounters- Mgahinga Gorilla National Park & Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

With only 1063 mountain gorillas left on earth, about half of them reside within Uganda’s jungles, and gorilla permits are open for booking at USD 800. Congo’s gorilla trekking adventures are carried out in the Virunga National Park where a section of endangered mountain gorillas lives. There are also Eastern lowland gorillas that are tracked in Kahuzi-Biega National Park. Congo’s gorilla permits are available at USD450 per person all year through.